I had a boyfriend

I loved my boyfriend so much. I used to think that if nothing else goes right, as long as my boyfriend is happy, I am happy. My boyfriend challenged me to no end. There were many times when I think that my boyfriend was everything. I thought that as long as I do good, my boyfriend will be satisfied. However, I was wrong.

At first, I thought my boyfriend will love me back if I get good grades. However, it is not very easy. I got good grades but my grades were not enough for him. I was deeply stressed all the time. There were many times when my boyfriend kept me up for 2 days and there were many days when I would stay up all night crying because my boyfriend hurts me so much if I don’t do too well. But of course, I just didn’t give up way easily. I try my best everyday to prove to him that I am better than he thinks I am.

But of course, it is not still easy and he is not satisfied. To top it all of, I began to lose a lot of money because he demands too much from me. He never once offered up to pay for all my textbooks so I have to get a job. I suffered so much because of my boyfriend. But, he never once cared if I am sick or I am well. He never cared if I have money or I am stressed. All he ever cared about is me getting good grades and getting recognized that I am a part of his life. It is such a one-sided love. 8 days from now, I want to tell my boyfriend that it’s all over. I am pretty sure he’s not going to cry. I am absolutely certain that me leaving him will not even cause him to shed a single sweat. However, once we leave each other and part ways, I will be the happiest person in the world. So, before our relationship ends completely, I want to tell my boyfriend that I love him so much and that it is such a pleasure that I met him. He refined me like gold being purified in a furnace.

Thank you my boyfriend.

I hope when I am gone, you will be able to realize how much you have changed me from a girl to a woman. Thank you, my boyfriend–my University.





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