I Was A Death Row Inmate


Once upon a time, I was a prisoner on death row. You can probably imagine how evil I was to be sent to the prison and even be branded as a death-row inmate. But the sad thing is that, I didn’t know that I was a prisoner on death row. Not because I am in denial, but because no one told me anything. I was a prisoner who didn’t remember anything at all. I felt as if I had amnesia and the people who are supposed to make me remember what I did, why I was in prison, and where I was going, didn’t tell me anything. I woke up everyday not knowing that anytime, they might call my name and send me to the execution chamber. Everyday, I was supposed to be in a constant panic with the fear of death on my mind. Everyday, I was supposed to wake up and pray that the prison guards wouldn’t call my name. It doesn’t matter if I don’t eat well, or even drink for a day or two. Everyday, I was supposed to hope that I wouldn’t die. But I didn’t know and the prison guards never told me anything. They made me think that all I have to do is sleep, eat, drink, and enjoy my time at the prison by myself. They never told me about the place where I lived, nor did they even told me about who I really am, and what’s worse, they never informed me that I was going to die soon. I thought they are the nicest people in the world because they gave me food and water. However, I was wrong.

One day, I heard a voice outside the prison cell where I was. A voice that seemed so familiar and yet so distant. Her voice is so sweet and heartbreaking. She whispered in the air with a heartbreaking voice that pierced my heart, “Let’s go home, my child.” At the sound of Her voice, a fragment of memory comes to pass through me. Tears gently flowed on my eyes though I couldn’t remember why. The prison guards opened the door and I was set free. However, I couldn’t remember why I was even inside the prison cell so I didn’t appreciate it at that time. The Woman Who called me Her child, wiped Her tears and embraced me. I felt deeply comforted and tears flowed on my eyes though I wondered why. For many years I never realized why I was in prison and why I was alone. However, the same Woman Who took me home that day, explained to me Who I truly was. I was a prisoner on death row. I committed a very horrible crime that could never be forgiven. She explained to me that I was supposed to die. At first, I never really realized and regarded Her words as a joke. However, even though I gave Her too much hardships, first, by explaining to me over and over who I truly was, one thing that I never understood was, if I was a prisoner on death row who is supposed to die because of the terrible crime I committed, why was I set free? Whenever I asked Her that question, tears just appeared on Her eyes. At first, I think it is a mystery. Later on, I realized it on my own. My Mother, Who set me free from the execution chamber, gave up Her life for me. She wasn’t supposed to come to the execution chamber because only people who deserved to die are placed. My fate was sealed after I committed a horrible crime that deserves no chance. However, She came and abandoned Her glorious life in the eternal world as a ransom to save my life. After She set me free, She could’ve just abandoned me and return to the eternal world where She once belonged. However, She is still with me until today. She is still with me, helping me to remember everyday who I truly am and what kind of world we once belonged. Though time had made Her aged and made Her slow, She still takes Her time to take care of me like a baby who never grew old. Though She had become weak and feeble, She still protected me from harm with everything that She got. Everyday, I live with the regret of the evil crime that I had done. I deserve to die. However, She just smiles at me and softly says to me with every remaining strength and love on Her voice, “I love You. Let’s go home soon.” With tears on my face, I humbly said to my Mother, “Thank You. I love You.”



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